January 2016

1/28/2016  ICYMI: Jim Mikles; "Solar Energy Update"

1/27/2016  Weed Wednesday 420 Report: Tanner Wakefield; "Cannabis and Public Health"

1/26/2016  WAYWO: Scott Madsen; "Whodini"

1/25/2016  WAYWO: Wendy Porter; "Chicostart Update"

1/21/2016  DAA: Fox E. Jeff; "Get Foxy Productions"

1/20/2016  Weed Wednesday: Eric Smart; "Edibles Therapy"

1/19/2016  WAYWO: Nancy Morgans-Ferguson; "Shalom Free Clinic"

1/18/2016  WAYWO: James Coles; "North Valley Housing Trust"

1/14/2016  DAA: Julian Ruck; "I Play in Chico"

1/13/2016  Weed Wednesday: Jason Reisinger; "Cannabis in California"

1/12/2016  ICYMI: Michelle Curran; "Reading Pals"

1/11/2016  ICYMI: Chris Tisler and Jared Johnson; "White Tie Fantasy"

1/7/2016  WAYWO: Bogg

1/6/2016  WAYWO: Jim Mikles; "Solar Energy Update"

1/5/2016  WAYWO: Tanner Wakefield; "Cannabis and Public Health Pt. 2"

1/4/2016  WAYWO Tanner Wakefield "Cannabis and Public Health"

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