ICYMI: Chris Tisler and Jared Johnson; "White Tie Fantasy"

Tonight on TL;DR: Alyssa Deitsch sits in as host of Action News Now’s noon newscast. Could she be being groomed for the late desk?

Next Screen: Ashiah Scharaga has a great report in the ER on a topic that gets too little notice; the *formerly* homeless. Celebrating success in self sufficiency.

Page Down: And the ER’s editorial last Friday was the most grown up view of the President’s Executive Orders in print. An inside the park grand slam home run.

And then, ICYMI, we revisit with Chris Tisler and Jared Johnson, founders of White Tie Fantasy, a fantasy sports site, headquartered in Chico. Fantasy sports sites are in the news lately due to allegations of gambling and other improper practices. The White Tie Fantasy guys are getting national attention for being an example of how to do it right.


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