ICYMI Yvonne Hawkins; "Chico Community Food Locker"

Tonight: on TL;DR; How lucky are we that our nationally televised officer involved shooting was only due to incompetence and not racism?

Next Screen: And do cops discuss unexpected gunshots so often they need abbreviations?

Page Down: The DA says he’ll have another look at all that evidence the media forced him to disclose, now that the victim is deceased.

Postscript: Sometimes folks need to be reminded that there’s a reason for this festive holiday season. The winter solstice occurs tonight at 8:49. I ruminate on its constancy, and its place in igniting humanity’s eternal quest for knowledge.

And then, ICYMI, we revisit with Yvonne Hawkins, a volunteer with Catholic Ladies Relief Society, and the Chico Community Food Locker, one of the agencies making sure needy local families have enough to eat.


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