ICYMI Jimmy Grant; "Lynn's Blues"

Tonight, on TL;DR, We’ll see your disorderly event and raise you an unruly gathering. Anti-fun legislation is before the council again. I suppose they can’t wait to find out if it fails as reliably as the last time they tried to outlaw prolonged adolescence. The ER’s Ashiah Scharaga has the pregame report online, and will be live-tweeting the meeting.

Next Screen: The price of walnuts is trending lower and lower, and it’s our largest crop. Perhaps it’s time for Butte County farmers to pivot to a more profitable product.

Page Down: Remember the Mondegreens? They’re back in town for a show on Friday. NSPR’s Nolan Ford showcases them on Songs From Studio C.

Speaking of local artists making good, ICYMI, we revisit with gypsy jazz guitarist Jimmy Grant, who has a new album out called "Lynn's Blues.


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