DAA Jim Wolcott, "Battle of the Bands"

Tonight, on TL;DR: Tercius Bufete delivers a sensitive, thoughtful profile on one family’s story, in a long (for radio) think piece on NSPR.

Next Screen: The ER’s Ryan Olson files a comprehensive report on the Butte County Supervisors discussion of the status of medical marijuana in light of new state legislation that dramatically enables commercial cannabis farming, and guidance to local jurisdictions.

Page Down: Weekly media shines this week, with a timely followup from the Orion’s Gabe Sandoval and the News and Review’s excellent coverage of, and advocacy for, the emerging cannabis industry.

And then, on Dancing About Archtecture, we visit with Jim Wolcott, about the upcoming battle of the bands event at the 1078 Gallery next Saturday, the 21st, at 7:00.


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