Chico Community Food Locker

Tonight on TL;DR, Thursday is the new Friday. And smart meters finally arrive in downtown Chico.

Then, we interview Yvonne Hawkins, a volunteer with Catholic Ladies Relief Society, and the Chico Community Food Locker, one of the agencies participating in the Community Grant Program fundraising campaign conducted as part of the North Valley Community Foundation’s Annie B’s annual drive.



It’s hard to believe this record was released 24 years ago this month. It’s still so relevant and penetrating in its insights. It’s the perfect musical medicine for the fevered anger and hatred that seems to grip the daily media these days. He performed this song a couple weeks ago in Charleston South Carolina, with a wonderful choir.

Dr. King was right. Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Use every channel you're given to infect fearful people with good news. Consider it a benevolent conspiracy, if that makes it more exciting. But you have the power, and the obligation, to shine.

Put on that video, turn up the sound, and dance around the house. Go find someone who needs it and give them a big love. Shed a little light, and have a great weekend.




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