Hello everyone, just wanted to announce a few changes this evening. First off, you'll notice that tonight's show is entirely bundled into a SoundCloud "set", so the whole program will run uninterrupted. Additionally, we're cross-posting to social platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. If you're already using any of these platforms, follow us, and you'll get an embedded player in your stream whenever we publish. And since SoundCloud won't let me schedule reveals, you're likely to get it a little earlier than our official 6PM "go live" on WordPress. Additionally, we're introducing a new long-form segment, "Dancing About Architecture", featuring conversations with leaders and innovators in Chico's music community.

Tonight, on TL;DR, the big news is that Chico may have a new police chief, and the only news agencies that have the story are in San Luis Obispo, and right here on Chico Currents.

And then, on What Are You Working On? we kick off Chicostart Week by visiting with Molly Knappen, of Furnysh, a high-end craft furniture logistics, marketing, and ecommerce company.

Finally, we're excited to launch our new segment Dancing About Architecture with the first of a three-part panel discussion with the movers, shakers, picture takers and music makers behind last month's Chico Breaks The Record event.

A new, improved Chico Currents starts right now!

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